How to create a social media newsfeed that makes you feel good (about yourself)

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Many social media users feel dissatisfied, frustrated and low after scrolling their newsfeed. Given that a) we strive to present our best possible self on social media (e.g. by highlighting strengths and concealing weaknesses, by routinely editing our profile pics,…), and b) we tend to compare ourselves against others on social media, this does not really come as a surprise from a research point of view. If we try and measure up with idealised – often rather unrealistic or even fake – content, we may end up feeling interior, insufficient and unworthy, which is a very logical human reaction.
And although there seems to be a tendency amongst social media users to ubiquitously present themselves with a smile on their face (indicating a successful, happy life); a lot of us are enrolled in groups, where concerns, doubts, sorrows, and obsessions are shared that might over sooner or longer reinforce our own self-critical thoughts. 

One way out can be to reduce our overall social media usage and/or to take offline days. But this might be hard for someone who is used to routinely checking their newsfeed for a couple of times a day – and very understandably so. Therefore, I would like to draw out some ways to make your social media newsfeed a more positive and inspiring place. Because the good news is that we can, to a large degree, manage and control what we see on our newsfeed. Mindful exposure toward content that makes us feel good then can contribute to us feeling positively after scrolling our newsfeed.

And if we have the choice, why not expose ourselves to the good stuff?

Before we get on with creating a positive newsfeed, you might want to try and „detox“ your social media newsfeed from content that makes you feel negatively. 

First things first: See less of what makes you feel negatively

Reflect: What and who make me feel negatively when scrolling my newsfeed? 

Adjust your settings: Try and reduce this content, by either consciously unfollowing people/pages/groups or by editing your settings as shown in the  Facebook and Instagram screenshots below:


How can I edit my settings?
To access your settings, simply click on the three dots in the top right corner of a post. Facebook then allows you to see fewer posts like the one you selected, to snooze someone for 30 days or to stop seeing posts from this person at all. Instagram – to date – does not offer a snooze function, but you can unfollow someone anytime.


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