Body image is a multidimensional, highly complex psychological construct. It encompasses affective, cognitive, perceptual and behavioural components.

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Our body image forms a central aspect of our personality that can affect many parts of our lives, such as

  • our physical and mental health
  • our self-worth and self-esteem
  • our self-confidence
  • our psychosocial adjustment
  • consumer behaviour
  • our relationship to food and exercising.

It is therefore of great relevance to know more about the body image construct, to comprehend what can cause body image concerns and how we can learn to embrace ourselves the way we are.

Through my website, I want to help you discover strategies to practice self-love and body positivity. Also, I will introduce you to myself and my role in the body positive movement.
Last but not least, I will provide book recommendations, links and videos that can help you create and maintain a positive relationship with your body.